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Some words sell.
Some teach.
Some convince.
Some change attitudes.
In short, they work.


Who needs a copywriter?

Whether they’re used for persuasion, storytelling, or education, words are just a bunch of letters assembled in a certain order to say what you want to say.

Pretty simple…

Well not quite. First you have to combine letters into words. Then words into sentences. Then the sentences grow into paragraphs, and on and on. There’s seemingly no end to it. So who wants to go to all that trouble?

I do.

My name is Patty McKeehan. I make words earn their keep by informing, telling a story, perhaps changing an attitude or two.  Or maybe shedding new light on an already familiar product or idea.  Sometimes it’s just a headline and a couple paragraphs. Sometimes its pages and pages.  The trick is to make each word, eh…work.

That’s professional copywriting.

What do you need?

Conceptual Thinking

Do you need new messaging or want to adapt an existing concept to a new product, market, or medium?

Strategic Writing

Do you need to get an idea across? Get people to respond? Or change someone’s attitude?

Developmental Editing

Do you need rough content reorganized or polished? Or perhaps an English translation refined?